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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Eclipse Public License Intercourse

The Eclipse Public License is a good license. Not the best but a good compromise. It is a copyleft license, similar in intent with the MPL and LGPL. It is written in such a way that a lawyer can get comfy with it. It is most likely a good reason why so many businesses are […]

May plug-ins RIP, hello plugins?

The 6th edition of the Shorter Oxford English dictionary is now available. One change that has been touted: many words now *do not* require hyphens anymore. I dropped by my local bookstore to grab a copy and checked. Hyphenation is something that always bugged me :-D. I was hoping it was time to say […]

Blogging, back after a two years hiatus

After two years off from blogging — I used to be the editor of the now defunct Eclipse TechForge — I decided to get back at it. There are a few things that have been itching me lately, urging we to write. I like to think I am an open source wonk. So I will […]